Need help with Rhino Project

Hello All, I am a looking for help finishing a guitar project. I have done the 3-d surfacing but need held creating cavities and holes from the 2-d file. Would anyone be willing to help me finish this project. It’s a proprietary design. So, I am reluctant to post the files on the forum for all to have access to.


I can email files though. Thanks, Don

it should be as simple as projecting your 2D pockets to their appropriate depth, then pocketing. what cam program are you using?

i’d be happy to take a look, but i am also a guitar maker if you have reservations about proprietary parts.


Hi Tom:

That would be easy on a flat part. This guitar is similar to a les paul and is arched top and back. Also the neck pocket is on an angle from top to back. I use mastercam and visual mill.


if you can stand straight up sides on the cavities, which i can, you can make the floor have whatever angle you need. you’ll have to pocket with a smaller cutter to get a smooth enough bottom finish.

otherwise, it’s an angled fixture which makes the cutting easier.

HI Tom:

I would love for you to help. I’ll send you the files if you promise not to copy my deign.

Thanks, Don

Have you seen our carved top guitar?

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Very nice Tom. I would love your help. Please email me at so we can further discuss.

that email address is not working.


“I would like somebody to help but cannot show the files - please sign this non-disclosure agreement before helping me out.”

Sounds like the person helping out should get payed. My two cents.

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Wait. No body mentioned a non-disclosure and I’m not asking anyone to sign one. I just need a little guidance. It’s taken me three years to get to the point I’m at. Mostly because I’m learning as I go. I just need help from experienced people to finish it.

hi don, i have replied to your email and send one from scratch and both get returned undeliverable. do you have an alternate email address?

Hi Tom. Hmm. Try

Hello Don.

I think I can help and would welcome the opportunity.


Hi Rob
Shoot me an email.

A side note - not meant one way or the other - just some friendly advice. I am sure more than a few of us have our own patents. That stated, if you have something “proprietary” it would be worth your time to check the US Patent pages to make sure what you have is truly unique, keeping in mind that just because they are not being sold or manufactured - as of yet - does not imply they are not protected under Patent rights. I too have a guitar related patent which trumps proprietary - in some cases. Angled neck pockets, arched top/back/sides along with a host of other "innovations are common and not patent-able by that definition alone. I only offer this comment due to the nature of the “disclosure” and general details. I - obviously - am NOT implying yours is not unique or otherwise patent-able for some reason. Public disclosure can void some rights to design by making such design “common knowledge”.