Ground plane bug

I understand it can be frustrating. It is also frustrating to not be able to reproduce the problems you experience :confused:

Yeah, I understand that. Perhaps the problems disappear when I do a complete reinstall of the system when switching to Big Sur.


Fingers crossed!

Apart from @dan I don’t think anyone in the company has Big Sur beta installed yet. I could be mistaken though.

I think I personally will wait for the official release - and perhaps even the first service release after that.


I personally am not looking forward to the switch at all (:

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I don’t mind switching to Big Sur - but the total reinstall of the system will be a massive job…


will this be necessary for everyone? or is it just that you decided to use the opportunity to do a clean install ?


This :slightly_smiling_face:


@tim also has Big Sur Beta installed. Tim, could you please take a look at these steps above and see if you can reproduce them?

Hi @dan

I tried setting the material on several layers using the dot in the layer panel and I had no issues, nothing extraordinary. I tried it using a dujour build from Sept 21, 2020. If you’d like me to try any other build let me know.


I forgot to mention that I had also updated to Big Sur beta 8 prior to testing this. Just wanted to add that in case it made a difference.

Thanks @tim. Hopefully the latest Beta update will help others in this case or they can supply more information to help us reproduce the bug if they are still seeing it on the latest Beta.