Grease pencil tool (like in Blender...)

This would be a game changer…

Precision of nurbs modelling … Intuitiveness of sketching…


Grease pencil indeed is great. Someone already started working on a plug-in to that end, not sure what the current status is, though.

Yes, would be really useful to have something like that.

great! could you tell me who that is?

Searching for grease pencil on this forum yields Rhino Grease Pencil .

Rhino Sketch command is similar to the Blender grease pencil.

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@Andrew_Nowicki not really… “sketch” makes a very rough nurbs approximation of the sketch… it has to come close to a sketch on paper (maybe using a wacom as input)

i think it should work like an overlay on displayed meshes AND/OR on the viewport (like in Maya, but scale senitive… or taking a screenshot, edit it in ms paint, import it back as as pictureframe with trasparency)… a live paint textures functionality…
with the optional possibility to turn it into curves later. (the latter wouldbe way more difficult to program i suppose … but thats not where the big potential is.
if designers / architect using rhino could sketch out ideas WITHIN rhino, thinking “outside” the command line they wouldnt have to leave the software that often.

for me, the grease pencil tool is one of those simple but powerful functionalities that
you never think you need until you tried it…
too bad, i have no programming skills, otherwise id be developing this right now.

I use Astropad. Take a look here: Duet app for iPad and Mac (and PC) and here: Macro problem


I’d love to see Windows Ink implemented in Rhino:

Use Smooth, FitCrv, or Fair command after the Sketch command. Smooth is best because you can select control points of the curve rather than the curve. If you select control points of half the curve, only this half of curve the will be smoothed.

sorry but dont get it… if i want to draw a rectangle with sharp corners it ll make it smooth… i want the end result be the same as i put in… like pen and paper, not like bending wires.

HandleCurve command can do both smooth curves and sharp corners at the same time, but you will have to practice it for about 10 minutes to figure out how it works. (Hint: use Alt and Ctrl keys all the time.)

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woop. thats actually a pretty neat command for bezier curves… didnt know it existed… thanks for point that out.

but the grease pencil thing should be completely free form… pixels until you decide you actually want to convert it into a vector object.

Blender grease pencil is actually also curves internally, just very high resolution.

Here’s the GP plugin I made so far, its pretty unusable. The command Markup lets you start drawing (although its not where the mouse is unless in a fullscreen window), calling Markup again finishes drawing. Then the curves stay on the screen. It also becomes quite laggy. MarkupLine is better, but there’s still no way of clearing the screen.

Markup.rhp (43 KB)
MarkupLine.cs (6.0 KB)
MarkupCommand.cs (7.7 KB)

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Just tried it out. Very cool… thanks a lot! If only i was a coder id help out. But the line tool seems to be working fine!

I just realized something like the grease pencil would also be the basis for functionality like a proper perspective matching tool… max, sketchup, modo, blender(BLAM) all have this implementation (I was whining in another thread about this.)

oooh, i like this a lot but how do we clear the screen? ty

I didn’t check the GH test, but are you aware of _Sketch?

is that a native command? maybe i could macro setting cplane to view and do that?