Duet app for iPad and Mac (and PC)


Anyone tried this app? I wonder if the pro-version could work with Rhino? Sketching on the iPad with apple pencil - in Rhino… :sunglasses:


Grease pencil tool (like in Blender...)

Hi Philip
I made a video for you. I’m loading it. Then publish the link here



That would be great! Thanks!



I have to try it better … it’s definitely effective but I do not see it useful. I did the zoom with the mouse, the right button as well. I have to try and see if we can improve with some setting. For sure I can say that you can definitely use iPad as a second monitor, because with the cable the delay is low.



Thank you Simon! So you actually CAN use the iPad + pencil to draw stuff in Rhino. That’s great! There seems to be a slight delay, though - or am I just imagining? Also… pinch-zooming on the iPad doesn’t seem to work…?
I probably should just download the app and try for myself. Thanks again Simon! :smiley:



The zoom delay derives from the file (over 1 GB). The Apple Pencil actually has a small delay. pinch to Zoom does not work.



I will also try with Astropad


Thanks :smiley:



I’m a big fan of Astropad. I don’t pay for the monthly pro version. Don’t use enough to warrant the monthly cost.
AstroPad works really well. Pinch to zoom works and I’ve never noticed much of a delay. I rarely use my wacom anymore in favor of my iPad with Astropad. I do wish I was able to use the iPad as second display like Duet. I think that is a really nice feature.


Thanks Jason! You said no delay… Also over Wi-Fi?



Here is a video just now I did using it over WiFi. Maybe not the best example, but I’ll let you judge the performance. Maybe Simon has different experience.


That looks really smooth - and without delay. Great!
Thanks :smiley:



Now I have Astropad. It works really well! Sketching on the iPad with Apple Pencil - in Rhino - is now a reality. I use a couple of macros with ‘sketch’ (with a little help from Mitch / @Helvetosaur) :smiley:
Thank you both for telling me about Astropad! Great app (I don’t like the color on the icon and their website, though - but that’s another story… :wink:)


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The response time is amazing.
I just tried the Mini version and it works great!