Gray animation problem

Hello! There is such a problem, when rendering animations associated with the rotation of objects, there are strange frame jumps, and some frames appear white, who faced a similar problem when rendering?
I was inspired by this video. g.3dm (114.9 KB) (16.4 KB)

In the video that you’re referencing, these “frame jumps” appear because the camera is directly connected to the bounding box of the aggregate geometry. The focal point always aims at the center of the bounding box while the camera zooms out according to the size of the bounding box.
Since the tiles used for the aggregate are morphing and the structure is grown recursively with collisions in mind - the bounding box of these tiles changes in a somewhat jittery manner, thus making the camera jitter.
I did it this way, just to show the possibility of geometry-to-camera relation to my students. My suggestion would be to get rid of the bounding box and have a more “manual” control over how the camera moves and rotates. This will definitely give you a smoother result.

At first I rendered using the standard Rhino camera without being bound to the bounding box, then I tried to render without the camera at all, in the perspective window, and the jumps still occur.