Grasshopper Animation frames view

My problem is the following:
I have been doing frame animations with grasshopper slider animation.
But since yesterday, the exported view has unzoomed. (linked images)

I tried to use old version of my grasshopper definition, it stays the same.
I tried to open a blank rhino file, nothing changes.
I tried to reset Cplane, still the same as well…

On “After.png” you can see that there is 2 origin dispalyed.

Anybody knows where could my problem be coming from?

Thanks in advance

How do you set up the viewport?

The viewport is defined with a named view. But I found the problem even if it seemed weird.
Before the problem happened I was using an external display monitor. And it seems like the Windows 10 display scaling affects the animation viewport somehow. I put it back to 100% and the problem disapeared…