I had given a animation of Ring Set(4Rings), Where just band will move and join in the centre solitre.but the Render looks very shaky, some of the frames are shaky too much, i cant share the video since its a client work


If you can recreate the shaky effect in a simple scene that doesn’t contain your client’s work, then please share that. It is easier for people on this forum the help.

Sure, Please check the attachment


I guess there might be an issue with tweening. Could you please send me the Rhino/Bongo model at Confidentiality is assured

I cannot find anything wrong with your model in connection with Rhino or Bongo. So probably the shaking arises during rendering. Which render plugin did you use and how did you encoded the movie?

Again same shaking issue…

Could you please send the model ( and tell us which render (and encoder) you use.

Please make sure you’re using the latest version of both Rhino and Bongo.
At some point I remembered that we we fixed a bug that was causing the camera to shake in some situations.