Just Playing

Useless stuff that I occasionally play with.
Grasshopper + V-ray for Grasshopper + Flexhopper + Kangaroo + Others


These are all great. I wouldn’t call them useless!
I always found flex hopper to be very intimidating but you seem to have made it work very well.

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Thank You
I agree on the intimidation factor. But things seemed very straightforward and easy to use after watching Benjamin’s workshop on his YouTube channel.


Really enjoyable to watch!

Funfact: For some bizar reason, after just few seconds of the last clip I was expecting the Stanford bunny.
Possibly because I have seen it so many times in so many forms… :man_shrugging:

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That’s interesting to know, yes, I guess Stanford bunny became so standard in our experimentation, I made a prebuilt mesh component in GH so I can insert it whenever I go.



Nice. What is your computer hardware. It must be very fast.

these were done on an old workstation 4970k + 32gb of RAM. but the rendering was done using dual Nvidia Tesla V100 which were super helpful in dumping these frames out.

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Holy Batman, that’s some serious hardware!

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Exact same thing here :smiley:

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