Animation with Grasshopper / Vray

Hey Guys,

iam quite new to work with grasshopper, but im trying to make a simple animation.
i want to render it directly in vray, but im not getting far with the new plugin.
i need a couch to assemble itself, but only with the parts going down. i can manage to do it with the timeline from vray with one part easily. i want them to assemble one AFTER another, so for example the seat comes down from frame 1-24 and then the pole from frame 24-48 and so on. maybe somebody can give me a hint, i would be very grateful!!!
cheers, Felix
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Hey !

I don’t know the plugin, but I’m playing a bit with animations.
Here is a very small introduction with example definition I posted a few time ago…
So you would need to separate the frame sets into domaine, and make the time line go through all of them (?) and what goes out of each is a vector (for each pieces).
I don’t know if it’s possible because I don’t know the vRay plugin, but might worth a try :slight_smile:

By the way, is the plugin good? We don’t ear much of it, but judging but your screen shot, it looks nice ! Do you have a video example you’d like to share? (result) That would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I would make a grasshopper script for the animation, and then render following this workflow, you can set frame number as you like:

hey guys, thank you for the answers and tips! i think i have managed and will show you how when its done!! thanks a lot!

figured I’d resurrect this thread rather than make a new one, I’m learning vray grasshopper workflow for animations and I was able to get the setup shown in the video attachment and works great as far as cameras etc, however now I’m trying to animate an exploded view to work with the camera animation which I was able to setup and preview in the timeline but when rendering the objects they aren’t moving like in the preview so I’m not quite sure where to plug in the move geometry to get it to render the movement? I can see the objects moving in the timeline preview but not in the actual render frames.

heres the grasshopper view:

you need to connect the moved objects to a Vray Geometry node and plug this into V Geo

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yeah, I realized that and did so but I’m not sure how to get the transformed version to plug into the vray geo node. I feel like I’m missing a connection from the timeline to the vray geo. here’s the updated one:

so its rendering grasshopper vray geo but its just sitting in place and not translating the timeline movement

since you are using the Frame# as your Vector Amplitude, It is probably moving so little that you can’t perceive the motion, What Happen if you assign a multiplier.

We can help more if you share your script with internalized Geometry.

one more thing, that’s probably affecting your result, there are 2 paths for you rendering animations:

1- export animations to Rhino, and render the animation using V-Ray for Rhino , this only works for Camera Animation and Daylight Timelapse. @Nikolay to confirm
2- Render within GH, which probably renders all the moving objects connected to the V.Geo.

Don’t forget to input your Resolution, Quality, and Render Output file paths into the Render Node.
Also I suggest a loooonger Timeline for a much Smooooother motion.

Youy’re Welcome :wink:

oh yeah don’t even worry about the actual frame inputs, I reduced the frames to shorten the animation so I can see the movement to confirm things are working lol yeah the preview when you move the timeline shows the objects moving as expected in the rhinio view port, but rendered frames nothing moves except the camera.

Then did you try right clicking on render node and select render animation?

yes, I followed the above video which included all instructions on that, and for the camera its working perfectly, but for moving objects it just renders the final transform position not the sequence from start of movement to ending of movement.

basically I have a plastic part assembly I want to create an exploded view from- a very simple task in any other software, but I would love to figure out how to do these things with vray without having to migrate to 3ds max.

It should work, I’ve done many of these animations in grasshopper + Vray.
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Send me your file so I can take a look.

I can’t post my actual file but here is an example file with 2 cubes that move away from each other, what I’ve discovered is the movement I put into the grasshopper only records the current frame I select in the grasshopper time line. so if I set it to frame 0, it will only render the frame 0 position for the cubes. so I could technically manually move the time line slider frame by frame and change frame range to that frame and it would work. What tells vray to render the changes from timeline of object movement across the frames in a sequence?
problem example.3dm (186.3 KB) (27.1 KB)

Thank you for sharing… I’m taking a look and will let you know shortly

appreciate it, driving me nuts trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong lol

Working here, I just had to create a path for the rendered images to store. see the attached definition.

animation_With Render (20.5 KB)

I’ll take a look thanks!

How is the camera able to render across frames but the object movement isn’t? I know there are some extra components for the camera but don’t really understand how they work.

this is probably the most critical thing to add to your definition, make sure the folder you are saving the exported frames, is created and enabled for read / write.

Bringing this thread back to life as I’m playing around with vray grasshopper again and had another question regarding animation. Looking through vray documentation regarding motion blur, there was a note stating that with bongo because its rendering still frames instead of animation frames, object motion blur can’t be applied- is this the same case with grasshopper?