Align plane to nearest two points on a mesh

No problem!


I opened Thomas’ file. I love it.

It makes me curious about other pieces you’re trying this with. Could you show us in the near future?

In the first method I shared I was also going with mesh shadows and convex hulls, but detoured from that because I didn’t know if reorienting was allowed; and it was! Like you said, as long as it wasn’t arbitrary. What Thomas did isn’t :slight_smile: I broke my own rule of not over-constraining myself the whole time.

Though most likely unnecessary for this particular scenario, I kept looking into kangaroo, I think it’s definitely possible to improve and speed up rigid body collision, perhaps optimizing what’s shown here, here, or even here. while still constraining displacement along certain axes.

*At this point I guess you’d just use the 3D hull of the mesh to speed things up, drop it to the ground without it tumbling, then use some mesh-mapping from start 3D hull to target {dropped} 3D hull and reconstruct the original mesh…blah blah…

Back to what Thomas showed us and what I was doing in the beginning, I would have ended up with something like this:

It’s pretty much the same but here I went with the “local {fitted-through-vertices} mesh plane”.

Apologies for the delay regarding re-orientation possibility, thanks @colorado1876 for the teachings, and thanks Thomas for the memory elixir!

Mesh with 2-points of (550.5 KB)

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