Grasshopper structure

Can anyone help me create the structure of this surface I been trying using lunchbox plugin over this but when i try to create structure it goes out of the surface. or is there any other way to create structure on irregular surfaces ?.

Post the file for us to see.
I am guessing lunchbox works on the untrimmed surface.

Lunchbox uses the untrimmed surface underlaying your trimmed surface.
You could try to create a untrimmed one or cull cells not on the surface.

Well I dont know about that I am watching tutorials since I’m new to grasshopper can you correct it for me. Here is my filedesign.3dm (8.2 MB)

One way of doing this is by using BoundaryFirstFlatenning (52.4 KB)

Using Ngon

This came from discussion with Daniel Piker a while ago.


@Petras_Vestartas Please post the rhino file Since Idk what plugins you have used. Thankyou so much

The data is internalized in Grasshopper file.

Another trick is to run closest point of each point to the trimmed surface. If it is more then just a small amount it is a point off the surface. Create a true/false cull pattern from that test and cull the points that are outside the trimmed surface.

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Hi @Petras_Vestartas does NGON BFS only work on Mac, the rest of the components work fine? Can I change the path, what Path should it be instead of /NGONS/Windows?

Yes it is windows only, I do not have mac to compile it for mac users. Elsewise, you can do similar workflow smashing nurbs.

Ok thanks @Petras_Vestartas, at least I wasn’t missing something :slight_smile: Would you suggest Smash rather than Squish?

Here is a technique that does not require an unroll. Using Panelingtools workflow as covered in this thread:

There are a couple tutorials on that thread and it works for Mac or Windows. On Mac it is already installed.

I did run ShrinkTrimmedSrf command on the surface to shrink the untrimmed part of the surface. This just makes the definition easier.

And the decision making process of what is inside and what is on the edges of the trim. This allows the panel construction to be different along the edges to be different if needed.

design-paneled.3dm (8.2 MB) Panels on (19.0 KB)


@scottd Hello Scott I tried your paneling method it works like charm. Just wanted to ask can you tell me which part to bake because when i bake there are 4 surface over one panel

Hi - you might want to upload your GH definition.
Baking the following should only bake a single panel at each grid location:

@wim can you check here is the file design-paneled.3dm (8.4 MB) Panels on (19.0 KB)

Hi -
It appears that you didn’t internalize nor reference any geometry from that Rhino file…


@wim Sorry I didn’t get you. I did set the surface to all those commands

Hi - I opened both your Rhino 3dm file and the Grasshopper gh file that you posted. As you see in that picture, the Surface parameter is orange. The Rhino file that you posted contains a lot of layers, geometry, annotations, blocks, … and I just don’t know which surface you are using.

When sharing a Grasshopper definition, always reference required geometry in a parameter and then internalize that geometry in that parameter (right-click > Internalise data) - that way, people who try to help you won’t have to jump through hoops trying to find out what you are doing.

@wim am so sorry for the hassle. I have sorted out there is only one layer with name of contour on which my surface is Design panel.3dm (5.5 MB) Panels on (19.0 KB)