Grasshopper Player not cleaning the viewport after execution

I do try to get familiar with the Grasshopper Player but seems that after executing a script, the Rhino viewport remain populated with the generated geometry even if that geometry was deleted or I do created a new file. The only way I do found to clear the viewport it is to close Rhino and start again.

Each point with some text it is just another instance of the same definition that I do run several times.

Maybe it is a better way to clear the viewport after the GhPlayer execution?

This came up a while ago. The issue stems from the fact that in some instances, it’s preferential to keep the Grasshopper document “open” (behind the scenes) after the command has been run. Most often this is because the user has some plugin that makes use of a UI widget that needs to stay active (like Human UI).
In Rhino 8, we’ve added a new section in the Document Properties which let’s you specify whether you want the file to be closed after the file has been run.
Screenshot 2023-05-22 070614

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