Grasshopper Player hooked

I’m trying to elaborate some custom tools in Grasshopper, and use them with grasshopper player and/or compiling them into plug-in via Grasshopper ScriptCompiler.

Evrything works well into grasshopper document, but when I use the Player (including context bake component) or the rhp plug-in, evrything is right on the first run, but the second time I play the solution, it seems to calculate data from previous run, and it also keep render the solution in viewport, even if I didn’t picked any geometry for the new run. I hope I explained the problem clearly.

It also happen with the wall solution example downloaded from:

Thanks in advance for help

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Im experiencing the same issue.

Is any way to clean the “cache, memory …” after each Grasshopper player execution?

Thank you.

Which version of Rhino are you running?
I believe this issue was fixed recently. I’m not certain right now which version the fix went into, but try updating to the latest R7 service release candidate, or R8 WIP.

I had Version 7 SR11 and have upgraded to: 7.11.21293.9001, ( 7.12.21292 is latest release candidate).

Actually it improved the performance, but not fully solved the problem. I’ll wait for regular release fix then.

Thank you¡