GhPlayer compiled commands - Solution not recomputed every time

When I execute the same Grasshopper file working from Rhino’s Command line !-_GrasshopperPlayer "....ghx" after being compiled into a plugin it’s not working anymore.

I used the RhinoScriptCompiler to compile it.

To be more explicit, it is exactly like if the .ghx weren’t reloaded each time, like if only the contextual component’s were reloaded.
IRT-plugin_trial-cntGeom.rhp (39.5 KB)
cntGeom.ghx (24.0 KB)

For instance here I set a GHPython Script into a .ghx counting components in my Rhino, he is working only if I link a contextual component to him. Are they any way to force him reload the .gh ?

I don’t want to use the contextual geometry because I’m using Human Plugin to get the references out of my selections, so I can apply a script to the selection directly as with Rhino common commands.

Thanks; I’ll try to repeat this on my computer

Any update about it ? @stevebaer

Hi Gaspard,
I just submitted a fix for this. I wasn’t expecting definitions to be set up like this for running in the GrasshopperPlayer, but what you have makes sense. The grasshopper solution simply needs to be expired so it is entirely recomputed every time.

This issue is logged at
and will be fixed in SR10 which we will have an initial release candidate for around August 13th. If you need a copy of the script compiler before then, let me know and I’ll get you an internal build.


It is perfect. Thanks you so much for that.

I installed the WIP version, compiled the script and it works well now thank you.