Grasshopper 'lags' when placing/removing/connecting components on canvas


Today I encountered a strange behavior of grasshopper I have never encountered before.
I built a definition that worked fluently, without any problems. After closing Rhino/Grasshopper and opening the files again, when i place any component on canvas I get about 1-2 second lag.
That happens without connecting said components anywhere - just dropping them on canvas (and any other action, including connecting them later) causes a short “freeze”.

I found out that turning to “Don’t draw any geometry” fixes that problem.
Interestingly enough, when I have any of the “Draw preview geometry” selected TOGETHER WITH “Only draw selected objects” (with no components selected - so I basically preview nothing) I still get the “lag”.

Canvas redraw speed is high: over 180-250 FPS
Autosaving is Disabled.

I know this description is kind of messy, please pardon my english. I recorded a short video that presents the problem:

in large models you can remove the autosave as well as preview to improve canvas performance


Thank you for your reply
As i mentioned in my original post - autosaving is disabled.

The thing is - I would like to keep the preview and it didn’t cause that problems earlier. I am not an expert in how Grasshopper exactly works but I think that dropping a component to canvas should not slow overall performance down (as it is not even connected to anything - no data at all, so nothing is computed/recomputed).

Hello again,
This problem still exists, can someone give me any hints on that?