Grasshopper - Karamba 3D Lagging

Has anyone ever experienced severe lagging in Grasshopper when using Karamba 3D for relatively large geometries and figured out a way to speed things up? Rhino has been moving incredibly slow whenever I have this Grasshopper file open.

Any ideas of feedback would be great!



Hi Johnny,

when you have a model that has a significantly high number of elements (more than 10 000) then you need to be careful what is being displayed in the grasshopper preview and in particular the ModelView component. Some tips include

  • Make sure that your meshes are welded in the output of the Beam View

  • Turn off all tags in the Model View

  • Set the Length/Segment slider in the ModelView to a higher value, as well as the Faces/Cross Section slider in BeamView to reduce the mesh resolution

  • Hiding the preview of all other components will also significantly help you