Grasshopper: Area Component (Issue with Lagging/Freezing)


I am using Rhino 6.8 with the latest version of LUNCHBOX.

I am trying to calculate the surface area of the panels and when I connect the surface geometry to an AREA COMPONENT, grasshopper briefly freezes for 3 to 5 minutes. When I adjust the number sliders, grasshopper again freezes up.

There seems to be an issue with the AREA component.



Its quick if you plug it into a curve component first. It does seem slow. R6.10


Same script in R5 is much slower.

Oddly enough in R5 if you plug a curve component it gives an error of non-planar surface, which these are triangles… so something isn’t right.

rebuilding the curve and make a boundary surface it gets it down to 42ms in R5.


Are the panels planar? If they are not then using the edge curve won’t result in the same area, something to keep in mind. Also, that is Pufferfish’s custom rebuild curve. Gh has a native one also with some less options.

There seems to be an issue in your surface creation.

I think your surfaces may be fucky. Either way, casting to mesh is one way to speed things up:

You could also call this method through one of the scripting components, which I believe has not been wrapped in standard Grasshopper.

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Thank you!