Avoiding Rhino UI and grasshopper lags

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I’m using the grasshopper panel inside Rhino to interact with grasshopper sliders and I find it pretty annoying that the UI is “lagging”, making it so hard to find the desired value. I guess that the complexity of the grasshopper graph is the problem but isn’t there a way to execute the graph on a different thread so that UI is fluid and lag only affects the resulting geometry ? It would have a much better user friendly feeling.

Also to avoid lags I’m trying to profile my grasshopper graph and avoid unefficient operations, but I feel that for huge procedures I won’t be able to avoid some costly operations (cutting for example). I would like to decompose the procedures into several steps and only execute a part of the graph once the previous step is Done. Do you have any good practice to recommand in order to acheive this ? It would be best for me if it doesn’t require additional plugins.
I’m currently trying to enable/disable components dynamically because even with toggles it seems that the unused parts of the graph are still computed and take a lot of computation time.

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Not for Grasshopper 1. But true for Grasshopper 2.

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Nice !
So will it be available in Rhino 8 or has it no release date yet ?

I think GH2 will be available in Rhino 8. But it’s up to David.

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I’m still looking for good practice to acheive step by step execution of a grasshopper document while waiting for GH 2, if someone could enlighten me that would be awesome ^^


There’re several plugins supporting parallel computation (potentially on another thread) but none would be available with RCP, I’m afraid.