Grasshopper Heron error

I have one issue cant solve. Text of the error in heron is: «Solution exception Int64 OSGeo.OGR.Layer.GetFeatureCount(Int32)».

This message is on improt vector node in Grasshopper when im puting ESRY shape file. How to solve it? Real im trying to solve this during a long time. It is no messages/answers in any forums i could try for Rhino 7.

Version is 0.3.8. downloaded through package manager in Rhino 7.

Are you able to post the *.shp and associated *.shx, *.dbf and *.prj files here?

I’m getting the same error on a different component. Seems like the libraries loaded are from a different version than what’s used to create the component?

Maybe worth mentioning I have both Elk and Heron installed. Could it be because of a conflict in their references?

This error is related to the fact that GDAL (and OGR) uses a 64-bit integer when counting features in the supplied data such that GDAL is not limited to 2 billion features (RFC 31: OGR 64bit Integer Fields and FIDs — GDAL documentation). I don’t think it has anything to do with a Elk/Heron conflict. Does the ImportVector component work for you? Can you post your GH definition so I can try to replicate the error?


Having the same issue with Import Vector.
Here’s the GH file and the shape file I’m feeding into Import Vector. (18.1 KB)
planet_145.079,-37.926_145.098, (36.8 KB)

Thanks for posting the files. I can’t seem to duplicate the error on my end. The one time I’ve come across this issue before, the user ended up reinstalling Rhino/GH. I’m not sure why this would fix the issue, but it did in their case.

BTW, if you are looking to pull in OSM data, Heron has a couple of components that help with this.

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Thanks. I did another test today with Grasshopper running in Rhino.Inside.Revit and everything works fine! I still think it’s some sort of a dll conflict or just the order of them loading in memory.