Grasshopper element plan + model representation

When creating a VA Style from a Grasshopper definition, is it possible to have a Brep show in both plan and model views?

For instance, with this door I want the frame to show when it is cut in plan, as well as in 3D:

Hi Andrew,
When you assign one of the output objects in the GH file to the Plan view representation (in the new “GH Style” wizard), this becomes the only object that is shown in plan view. If you want to see the frame as well, you need to create a 2D representation of the frame and connect it to the same output as the door 2D swing or have it as a new output component.
When no output components are assigned to the plan view representation, then the real cut of that object becomes the 2D representation of it in plan views.

OK, is it possible to have a separate GH definition for the 2D representation?

That’s not possible. The same GH def. generates the 3D and 2D representation of the object.

OK well that is fine.

Dear @fsalla,

I arrived at this topic because I have exactly the same question. It would be really nice when I would be able to put 2 checkmarkts for instance with the door panel that needs to show both in 2d and in 3d (see image). It would really save me some time and results in cleaner grasshopper files. This is now a simple example but it happens for many elements.

There are also quite a lot of cases where I would want to hatch and element (here for example the door panel). That is very easy when there are only 3d elements, but as soon as you need a 2d element as well this becomes quite complicated…

Would it be possible to create the functionality that in this wizard the 2 checkmarks can be checked for one identifier?


Hello @david25,

If you check the “Model” box for that element, this object will be shown in the 2D view as well unless you select a different geometry for the 2D view. So, you don’t need to check both checkmarks because you will get the same result just by checking the “Model” one.

In this case maybe you should create the hatch geometry in the Grasshopper definition, so that you have it available in VisualARQ afterwards.

Dear @alfmelbev,

Thank you for your answer. Judging from your answer I think I have not described the situation clearly enough.

In the case of the door I would like to have at the same time:

  1. The door panel show in 2D and 3D.
  2. The quarter circle opening line to show only in 2D.
    Currently this is not possible because as soon as I check something to display in 2D I need to create a 2D version of every 3D element. That is a hassle, clutters the grasshopper file and I need to create a separate hatch as well.
    All of this would not be needed if I would be able to check 2 checkmarks in the dialog box. Do you understand the situation?

Hi @david25,

Ok, I understand what you mean. We already have this request in our list, so we will let you know once we have news about it.

That is great, thank you @alfmelbev!

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It should be possible to show GH geometry in both 2d AND 3d, if needed.

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