Visualarq grasshopper style components does not store the plan block?

I am facing this issue whereby after creating the doors and windows in grasshopper and baking it, the doors/windows do not show the door/window swing in plan. After further investigation, I realised that the visualarq grasshopper style components does not store the plan and model block. Is this a bug that will be resolved?

Hi @Julius3 doors and windows created from Grasshopper styles are displayed in plan view with the components that you assigned to the “Plan” representation during the Grasshopper styl wizard:

(This is a screenshot of the wizard in VisualARQ 2).

If you don’t assign any component to the Plan representation, the plan view will be generated with the real section of the geometry of the door/window, based on the cut plane position of the level where they are inserted.

Hi @fsalla I am referencing the default window and door styles from VA. (Using the latest VA3 beta) Since it is not a grasshopper style, shouldnt it take the “Plan” representation directly from the style created in rhino? Also deconstructing the default style gives me the “Null Block” result for both the plan and model block output

Hi Julius,
There are 3 ways to create door and window styles:

  • Regular
  • From blocks
  • From Grasshopper styles.

If those doors and windows are not grasshopper styles, and they are just “regular”, then they should display the arc swing in the plan view representation. Perhaps they have the Max Aperture (%) property value set to 0%.


If this is not the case, please share the file so I can take a look.

In the case of the “Deconstruct style” component in Grasshopper, is returning Null for the Model block and Plan bock outputs, because that door/window style is not created from blocks.

Thank you. The issue was that the max aperture (%) was set to 0% after baking the doors and windows from grasshopper. Is there a reason why the default value is set at 0%?

Hi Julius,
There’s no specific reason to have left the default value for the Max aperture to “0” in door and window components in Grasshopper. We can change it to 50% if you consider it better for future cases.