2D representation of stair grasshopper style

I created my first grasshopper style for a stair with stringers.

Nice! But how would I go about making an accurate 2D representation with numbers or an arrow when this depends on the cut plane? Can I somehow access this information inside my grasshopper style?

Hi @studioselva, nice stair!
You could have some more components in your gh file for the 2D representation of the stair in plan view. When you create the stair, you need to assign these components to the “plan” representation:

If the 2D representation of those components depends on the position of the Cut Plane’s height, you will need to add this value as a new parameter.

Thank you @fsalla!

I know about the 2D representation possibility, but I see that the 2D representation of the default stairs update automatically if I adjust the Cut Plane height in the Levels menu. Is there any way to access the Cut Plane height of the current level inside the Grasshopper Style definition? Or do you suggest I set this manually by having a parameter in the Grasshopper style?

There isn’t right now, unfortunately. Not in a way that you can automatically detect the cut plane of the level where that object is inserted. In GH you can reference a building and deconstruct the level where an object is inserted, so you can actually obtain the cut plane’s height. But we need to include a “Building” Pipeline so the definition detects it automatically. This will be implemented in VisualARQ 3.

I see this as the only workaround right now.

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Thank you @fsalla

But, won’t the 2D representation (with ca. half of the steps dashed) always be displayed as being cut even if I’m looking at the staircase from the level above? Also, it doesn’t display well in the Realistic display mode.

Here’s a comparison with the built-in stairs. Looking at the level where the stairs starts:

… and from the level above:

@studioselva, The 2D representation of the stair should display the GH components assigned to the “Plan” representation, only when you activate the cut plane on the level where this stair is inserted. That means that if the step numbers are assigned to that “Plan” representation, they should not be visible on that stair displayed in projection from upper levels.
If this is not working consistently for you, please send me the files involved so I can report this to the development team.

Thanks, I’ve sent you the files. It’s not so much about the numbers but rather the representation of the stairs in a level below.