Grasshopper modeled Windows


I am trying to model a window style with grasshopper. But i’m with a problem in 2D representations.

In floor plans the wall around the my modeled windows (Rigth side) isn’t cuted like in the native windows (Left side).


The parameter to set the “Plan Cut Elevation” also doesn’t appear.


Am I forgeting something?

Hi Evandro, the window is being cut in relation to the cut plane position. However, I may require the 3dm file to better figure out what’s happening here.

This “Plan cut elevation” setting has not been implemented yet in openings created from GH styles. We will do it in upcoming versions. I’ll let you know when it is done.

Hi Francesc,

I made this example on a VA template file (Meters).
I will send you by e-mail de GH definition that i used.

I need a window with multiple sheets, maxim-ar type on top and sliding type on bottom.
Like this:


There are a way to do in the Windows style wizard?

@evandroj.gomes this issue has been fixed in VisualARQ 2.8.1, which is available for download.

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Great! Thanks!