Grasshopper Door Style issue


I’m trying to create an arch opening using the grasshopper door style creation wizard, but after selecting the grasshopper file on the first page of the wizard, clicking Next does nothing. The grasshopper file is attached. (31.6 KB)

Hi Felipe,
I think you need to give a name to the output BREP component in the GH file:


I also recommend you to have a curve component to define the opening profile, if you will need to insert that door into a wall.


Thanks! Not naming the component was in fact the issue.

About the opening profile: I was hoping VA would sort it with the 3D object, since there is no specific profile that would work for this object. It actually uses the object bounding box, so I think I’ll have to abandon the idea of having the frame that isn’t normal to the wall plane. This is a pity since the frame as it is actually has some construction meaning: a voussoir.

We have plans in future VA versions to define a volume for the opening profile of doors and windows into walls. I’ll let you know when this feature is implemented.

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