Grasshopper Animation

Is there any way to cancel grasshopper animation while it is running?

I usually lock grasshopper window but rhino is running still empty frames.

Would it be possible to implement an exit function once esc button is pressed? :))

I thought Esc did cancel. Either I’m mistaken or something broke.
On the list now as RH-42636

All right, fixed it. There was logic in the animator code to abort on escaped solution, but the escape press always got eaten by some other process. The new animator now also checks for escape between frames which is far more likely to actually work.

Thank you:)

Since Rhino Beta has very nice render preview, but it seems to take a few milliseconds to display geometry from grasshopper.

Is there any way to delay each step of slider animation to fully render geometry
(not cycles render but default render preview with nice global illumination shadows)?

I don’t know how, since the image is rendered to a bitmap, it is not captured from the viewport. So I guess it would require something in the viewport->bitmap renderer to be made aware of this.

I’ll put it on the list for GH2.