Grasshopper abort on its own

My grasshopper aborts solution on its own before it solves. I’m chill with letting it run for ages, so idk how to stop it auto aborting

Any chance you are using other things on the computer while it runs? Sometimes if
you hit esc while gh is calculating, even when you are not in the Rhino / Gh window, can cause Gh to abort.

at most, i use tele/chrome but i don’t press escape in any of my apps? is there any other reason? : /

Are there error messages anywhere?

nope, just a solution aborted itself. happens for long solutions only.

I’m not in office until maybe the weekend, can’t do any testing at home. If it is the standard abort mechanism there may be something I can do to disable it.

Are you running Rhino7 WIPs?

:slight_smile: I haven’t been able to use escape even if GH is in active state and is stuck calculating something. When this happens it leads to Rhino crash most of the time. Let alone if I am in another application.

@aeaechan96, what do you mean with “aborting”?

i’ve not experienced many Rhino crashes, in my experience esc usually works if you are willing to wait long enough…

The escape mechanism is really bad, but the best I could come up with under the circumstances. All Grasshopper solutions run on the UI thread meaning that mouse and key events aren’t handled until after the solution completes.

To get around this I sometimes check the state of the escape key directly. However if you’re unlucky there can be many seconds or even minutes between these checks. So instead of asking windows if the escape key is down right now, I ask whether the escape key has been pressed since last I asked.

There’re no words for how nasty a hack this is, and now that I think about it there should have been a way to just disable this testing.


Yep, that’s me. :rofl:

i’m on r6

the abort was just, i’d be running a long code, sometimes it would compile/solve to 10 minutes and work, and sometimes it would just stop on its own at around a 3 minute mark. I did notice ONCE pressing an escape key killed it immediately, otherwise, the esc has had no effect on my gh at all, and its rather mysterious? how does my code die out of the blue…

Yep, you’ve had luck “ONCE” like me. As David explained, this killing mechanism is not really reliable if you miss to press the ESC at the specific time :wink: . Btw I have the same experience when using ‘while’ loops and put in a counter to break it. 90% of the time when I use ‘while’ Rhino locks or crashes.

I truly believe this is an issue of Rhino not Grasshopper. Rhino has to ensure responsiveness, which it doesn’t.