BUG report Rhino7 animate function

Hey there,

Seems like we cannot cancel an ongoing animation with the escape key
That was an exceptionally useful function, and I already can’t wait to see it coming back to Rhino 7 (pretty please) :slight_smile:

Or am I missing another way of cancelling it?


Hi Antoine - as far as I can see this works here - can you be more specific about what you are doing?


Hello !

I was rendering a small animation in rendered viewport (not heavy).
I tried clicking esc many times in both Gh and Rhino but it doesn’t stop.

At the end, the frames were I’ve pressed esc are just blank… But the animation kept going :confused:

Hello - I need to know what commands are you using - are you in Bongo, or running the built in animation tools in Rhino, or something in Grasshopper? Do you have an example file?


Oh I’m using the animation function in Grasshopper (right click on slider > animate)