Grasshopper slider animation massively slows down after each use


I have looked around for this issue, but was unable to find a solution or an explanation.
The problem is as follows -

I am using a grasshopper slider to render out animation frames. it is hi-res (3840x2160) with a lot of coloured surfaces. I had to do this several times for different views over many days. I noticed that after doing this for 3-4 days, now the slider animation time has gone up from approx. 1500s to more than 12000s, to reiterate, when i did this for the first few times, the whole process finished in roughly 1500-1800s, but now, after doing this for 3-4days, it is taking 12000+s. I have been regularly restarting my machine and removing the rhino appdata and cleaning the windows temporary files and caches. the estimated time keeps going up with each frame.
the strange thing is that when i tried to do the same operation on a new machine in the office (fresh windows and rhino install) the whole process takes much much less time than before (under 1200s).
I have tried using the rendered view and arctic view, both with the same issues.

Has anyone faced this problem?
Is there a work around or a solution?
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Have you found the cause, I’ve had this problem too

Just guessing, maybe your hard drive is full. Or the slider animation soaks up a ton of RAM…