Slider Animation

Hi guys,

Just thought of reporting a slider animation crash:


Thanks Miriam, is this something that consistently happens?

Hi David,
Thanks for the response. I flushed the memory and it came back to life. But just so you know. Will pay attention and let you know if it happens again.

Happening again, twice today.

Can you send me the file that’s giving you these problems?

Sent, thanks.

Was there any solution to this? I’ve just started running into this out of nowhere

How big is your file? Can you send it over?

If there are components in your file super far away from the (0,0) point (i.e. the corner of the canvas), the graphics platform we use in Grasshopper1 will start to fail unpredictably. It depends a bit on your windows version exactly when it starts to fail, but usually keeping stuff nearish to the origin will work.

The other option is that there’s a bug in the display code, in which case I need the file to see what object is misbehaving.

I actually think I found the cause for me. I was saving my animation stills into a folder that already had files in it with the same names ( a previous animation attempt) and I think one of them was open in another program so it couldn’t be overwritten. Once I cleared out that folder, it worked fine