Graphic representation of wall styles

When working with wall styles that have more than one layer is it possible to graphically control the line weights of the perimeter of wall sections relative to interior lines?
In conventional graphic representation it’s important that the perimeter of solids are represented by stronger lines than interior layering. I would even be fine with being able to hide interior layers all together and only represent the perimeter of the wall in 2d drawings.
I’ve attached some images of what my results vs what I’m trying to do.

(I should also mention that it’s important for other reasons that my wall style has more than 1 layer)

Cladding with thick line weight

Whole wall with thick line weight

Desired graphic representation (photoshoped image)


Hi @brentkschmidt,

Unfortunately there is no way to set the line width of just the perimeter. The closest would be to have very thin finish layers on each side of the wall and use those as the perimeter.

There is already a request for this feature, so I will add your vote!

From the wall style editor it is possible to control the visibility of the wall layers. If you set a wall layer on a specific Rhino layer, you can hide that with the detail layer visibility.

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Also having control over the pattern line thicknes in relation to the contour would be great! Often: Contour line thickness not equals pattern line thickens

Hi @JackMaximum,

Currently there is no “pattern print width” so we will consider adding it. With the existing Line print width you can only control the boundary of the wall layer, not the pattern.

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Add my vote for that too!

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