UX: Wall structure thickness - preserve custom value

If Wall has a custom layer thickness it must be preserved when switching to another Wall Style. Right now it’s changing to the default “By style” thickness which is very annoying.

Setting something to custom is purposeful action, resetting values to default is working against my intentions.

Hi @Czaja I think we could consider this request when switching between wall styles that have one layer component only. How would you expect the program to behave when switching between walls that have a different number of layers?

It could be done with different walls, but the same layers - recognized by names, for example.
Cheers, Jaro

Good point. I would say: If there is only one layer, then keep the custom value.
If there are many layers maybe what @jerry.bakowski said is a good solution but I’m more hesitant here. Many layers mean many changes and it is more prone to do something not desired and unnoticed.

That’s why I suggest some kind of hierarchy for elements. If you have a parent wall, then all its successors could get its layer width, for example.
Cheers, Jaro