VA Wall sections - controlling the line widths?


I have multi layered walls in my project that are made with VisualARQ’s wall tool. I wonder if it possible to make only the wall’s outlines wider in section views and not the other layers? I have tried to adjust line widths using VA wall’s section line print width and separate wall layer’s print widths. I have only managed to make all section lines thin or thick. Hopefully the picture below clarifies my question.


Hi @tuomas.ranta-aho,
Unfortunately it is not possible right now to define a line-weight for the contour of a multilayer wall. We have plans to implement this feature in future versions. So I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for the quick answer. Would be great to get the feature in the future since this is the standardized way of presenting architectural drawings here in Finland.

Hello, any new information regarding “line-weight for the contour of a multilayer wall” (and also line-weight for the contour of all elements when displayed in section) functionality? It is one of the most basic standards also here in Slovakia.


Dear @fsalla, I am also longing for this feature! It would indeed be great to have an update on this.

@Michal_Križo @david25 I still can’t say when we will be able to implement this feature. I understand it is an important feature for producing architectural drawings. I’ll keep you posted.

This is quite frustrating.
Unfortunatelly VisualARQ will remain a subpar beta product as long as you will not meet among many others the very basics:

  • reflected ceiling plan (longed for perhaps since 2017?)
  • annotation objects generated into plan/section views as native objects (and referenced
  • linear block based hatching (e.g. batting)
  • line widths
  • and more…

And I sincerely mean the “unfortunate” part, as the potential of such a product integrated in rhino is epic to many. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi. Is there any progress on this feature @fsalla ? :slight_smile:

Hi @davouch

We have implemented reflected ceiling plans support in VisualARQ 3. Either in Real-time views from the Level Manager as with the vaPlanView command. Check this: What's new in VisualARQ 3 - VisualARQ

What do you mean? annotation objects do appear in plan/section views.

That’s something on our wish-list, although IMHO it should be addressed by McNeel, since VisualARQ uses the hatches and linetypes available in Rhino. However, in VisualARQ 3 we will provide some typical architectural hatches missing in Rhino templates.

@tuomas.ranta-aho Unfortunately the option to assign a line-weight for the contour of a multilayer wall won’t be available in VisualARQ 3. We will work on this feature right after that version.

Please let me know what other prior features are missing. That helps a lot.


@fsalla the major function in VA that is missing is dimensions linked to VA objects. Please make it happen soon. It really helps in initial design iteration thinking process!


This was something I was looking for as well! So sad that VA dont have this! It would be such a game changer. :frowning: Quite frustrated that it cannot highlight contour of the whole war. This needs to be updated asap!

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Hi @정연인,

We have plans to implement this feature in the future. I will let you know as soon as it is ready.

This implementation should support dimensions drawn in layout space, on top of Detail views, of course, because it can be very desirable to keep the model space tidy of annotations, and keep them in a 2d environment (= layouts).
They should stick when

  • the annotated VA objects change,
  • the Detail is moved.



What do I mean by annotation is all the dimensioning tools integrated in Rhino. Starting with simple linear dimensions for example. If applied in model, they’re exploded into plain lines in generated Plan/Section… If one prefers to have them in native for whatever reason (formatting, editing, …) it is necessary to apply them on top of a generated plan / section.

And I am not getting into the annotation history capability of Rhino, where the dimensions can follow changes of given annotated geometry…

Ok, I understand.

Yes, and you can do that either on the Plan/Section views, but also directly in page layouts, on top of the detail views showing in real-time the model displayed in plan or section view. (Using the Hidden display mode inside those Detail views you will be able to print that to vector output).

Unfortunately we are aware these dimensions don’t get link to VisualARQ objects currently, but that’s a feature to implement in our roadmap.

Thanks for this. For a software with production ambitions, you took your time though (and I’m aware you’ve been waiting for McNeel to implement this in R8).