Gradient of points between two curves

Hey all,

after hours of trying and searching i ask you for a solution:

I got a closed curve in rhino whih should be surrounded by a gradient of points. The closer the points are to the curve the closer they shoud get to each other and the farer they are away from the curve the bigger should be the distenc between them.
I want to controll the number of points, the minimal/maximal distance between the points and the highest different from the original curve with a second curve.

i should look like this but surround the inner curve completly.

Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile:

Possibly something like this? (10.1 KB)

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I didn’t really think this through and am not quite sure why it sort of works… Stabbing in the dark is part of the Grasshopper experience. (10.5 KB)

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There are many solutions (11.4 KB)


Another solution:
meshing > coloring the mesh by distance > remeshing by color.
(Then with kangaroo you could do ImageCircles to have something cleaner) (15.3 KB)
Give it a couple of click on the “Flip” button…


Thanks a lot to everybody - so many ways to come to a solution!
The way of joseph is mostly what i imagined but is there an possibility to control the distance between the points? like minimal distance and maximal distance?

I used cull duplicates to affect the distance between the points combined with joseph script

It occurs to me that adding a Graph Mapper can magnify the effect of distance from the boundary: (13.6 KB)