Move resulting points on curve

I am making points from the closest point on curve to make another set of closest point on curve but the problem is that they don’t align so I havent been able to figure out how to move the points along the curve to get both sets closer. they dont have to align perfectly but that would also be great.

Hello sailor!
Could you upload the gh code please?
Also, it would be wonderful if you could post a sketch of the desired result.
Best regards,
Sir Ernest Shackleton

ok. I am basically just trying to make a line that goes straight from a line to a curve ive posted the rhino and GH file as welllines between (10.4 KB) option 4 lines only.3dm (143.3 KB)

Not sure if this is what you want… Have a try Curve Proximity.

lines between (16.0 KB)

wow, yeah thats it. thank you!