Points on curve problem

Hi, i’m a total beginner when it comes to grasshopper, i started using it 2 days ago.
So, the thing is that i have a curve and the middle of this curve is in x:0,y:0,z:0 and it is flat on xz plane. I want to create few points on this curve, and they have to be an mirrored image on yz plane, but i also want to be able to control the distance between those points based on the lenght of this curve between those points. After that i want to divide this curve (between points) in to some number of segments. I attached an image with this curve with blue stars being points i want to control the position on the curve and number of them, and red lines being the division between those points that i also want to be able to control. kite5.2.gh (31.9 KB)

Also sorry if i made any mistakes and if i did not explained it correctly.

Hi, try this!
kite5.2_v2.gh (10.2 KB)

It’s not perfect but a good start point! :yum:

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Thank you for taking time to help me. It is a good start, because it pointed me into a good direction, before i didn’t even know where to start. So again thanks alot.

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check this alternative approach
kite5.2_v3.gh (12.6 KB)

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Thank you, this is also pretty close to what i am aiming for. I did something in the meantime(kite5.2_v2.gh (22.0 KB)) i can control where the control points are and the division between them, but there is one problem with my solution, when ever i want to add a new control point on a curve i have to do i manually, but i am aiming for it to be procedural(?) .Here is an image for what exaclly i want to do with it, there is a main tube, and from this tube come out struts, i want to be able to quickly change the number of them, and the position of them on the main tube and into how many segments the tube is oing to be split between those struts.(the thing on the image has 5 struts because the ones coming from the bottom are one with the main tube)