Points on curve with gradient dictance

Hello every one.
I need some help with designing a facade.
I have a triangular shape with fillet corners as the outline of my building’s facade and I want to define some vertical elements that as they get close to an attraction point the distance between them decrease, and as we get far, the distance increase.
and what is important to me is to be able to control the maximum and minimum distance of these elements.
I found a code but the problem is I don’t get the logic behind some part of it, therefore, I can’t control it.
Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:
the code:

A sketch to show what I mean:

I think this is what you want to achieve, but without using an attractor point.

The file is a little more elaborate then I initially anticipated: gradial distance.gh (13.0 KB)

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Thanks for your response.
The thing is that in your code the vertical elements are moving along the x axis . but I want the to move on a curve.sth like this:

Post your file with the curve internalized.

I misinterpreted your sketch. This is a variation of the file from the grasshopper forum: gradial distance v2.gh (11.2 KB)

Edit: the former script didn’t actually return the minimal and maximal distance. These have to be set manually (or with Galapagos as I also did as an experiment): gradial distance v3.gh (20.2 KB)