Lines Connecting Points Distributed Along Two Curves

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Beginner to Rhino and Grasshopper and hoping you all can help me with my modeling predicament. I have two curves between which I would like to place a series of connecting lines. (Please see attached sketch.)

I then need to sweep each line into a rectangular “pipe”.

Any help would be appreciated! Cheers,

make the two curves, divide them in equal amount of points, and feed these to a line component to start with. If this makes no sense to you, then I highly recommend to take the first steps in going through the grasshopper 101 tutorial. You can find it on

Thank you for your quick reponse! Below is my first attempt.

The problem is that I would like the points along the two curves to be at different intervals (therefor different amounts of points). I am therefor having problems getting the line to connect to the correct points, rather than bunching up at the first point.

this makes no sense, for each line you need 2 points. If you need more control over where the points go, you might need to divide it into subcurves of different lengths

Okay, understood. Is there any way to control the distance between the points using something like a sine wave? I would like for the points to bunch up in waves. Please see sketch below.

Also wondering if you can shed some light as to how I would extrude a shape along each line, essentially turning each into a “slat”.

Thanks again for your help!

you could draw a sine curve, divide that, then project these back onto the line

there are several ways to accomplish this, but if it is just a simple box, you could draw a box and scale it to the lengths of your curve (by scaling and mapping from plane to plane)
Another way: offset each line, offset both sides, then loft, then extrude the resulting surface

Excellent! Are either/both of these solutions accomplished in grasshopper or manually in rhino…

for example: (18.5 KB)

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This is fantastic - thank you very much for spending time on this and sending it over! It was very helpful. What I’m still a little confused on is where your original geometry is coming from. When I try to insert some of your coding into my model it doesn’t accept my lines as the original geometry (see below).

When I open your file and select the original “Curve” nothing highlights in the model?

Thanks again for your help.

I internalized the geometry in the file I sent. So just right click the curve component and set it to your own geometry.

Okay I have tried to add my geometry into a snip of your code, but am getting the same error message “Curve offset failed”.