Gradiant view in Rhino 6

In Rhino 5 there used to be a simple command called “Gradiant”. It gave a blueish gradiant background to all viewports in the workspace.

I have moved to Rhino 6 and have realized that the command does not exist anymore.

Is there any way to get the gradiant view in Rhino 6?

And another one…

See this thread

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I suppose the answer to my question is no - as changing the display mode settings is not the same as the gradiantview command.

The cool thing about gradiantview was that you could swiftly turn it on and off. That is really useful when you work in Rhino professionally with architectural design.

Just saying…

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_GradientView still exists in v6…

Added to that you can create modified versions of the modes you want, then create a toolbar button with which you can quickly toggle between gradient and non-gradien version of a display mode.

I see.

I guess it tricked me into thinking there was no command for it as the autocomplete function didn’t suggest it…


The GradientView command was a stepping stone to get to the excellent display modes we have now (and have had for quite a while). As Nathan suggested, there are easy ways to toggle your display modes. Toolbars, aliases, even adding it to a context menu are quick ways to accomplish what you were used to with the obsolete GradientView command. We use all three and let the user decide which he/she likes best. Here is an example of how I have added it to a right click context menu:

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