GradientView needs more features

Rhino documentation file:
says: "GradientView is now a test command. It does not autocomplete, but may still be accessed if the command name is typed out."
Nothing wrong with that, but it would be nice to have some control over the colors displayed by the GradientView command.

GradientView was a “real” command previously, but it is considered deprecated now as you can do much more with display modes. However, some people wanted it to stay, hence making it into a ‘test’ command that does not autocomplete, hiding it from the average user.

And, you can control the colors, etc. by typing the -dash version of the command, which exposes some options. Otherwise the command without the dash is considered a toggle, it remembers the last-used settings between sessions.


I know that gradientview is no longer a “real” command and for me it’s a bummer. I just hope it won’t disappear completely

While I get that you can do a lot with display modes, I really like modeling in a gradient view window. As I go back between SolidWorks and Rhino a lot, I have both pieces of software setup with the same gradient view settings.

It may be just a small thing, but I really like having the modeling environment be somewhat similar between the two pieces of software. I’ll survive either way, but I hope the command will stick around.

Then setup a custom display mode as Helvetosaur suggests that does exactly what you want instead of using the deprecated, dead ended “GradientView” command.

Got it, actually just looked into setting up GradientView with a display mode. Didn’t realize you could achieve the same thing using display modes.

I’m good, “GradientView” can go :grinning:

The “GradientView” command was a proof-of-concept “test” command to see if having lots of named display mode configurations was a good idea. Clearly it was.
The problem is so many people got used to using the test command we couldn’t kill it without screams of user pain.
The fact that’s it’s still in there causes no end of screams of tech support pain.
There are far fewer of us than users so we continue to help unsuspecting users out of the trap.

I can’t help but feel a little guilty about that. I was the one pushing hard for a gradient background way back then, probably about 13 or 14 years ago. With the great display modes at our disposal, I’m surprised anyone still would use the original GradientView command.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
Know All Men By These Presents…
Henceforth, and for all time, all questions relating to the deprecated GradientView command, however trivial and obscure, will now and forever more be directed to @DanBayn and @Mark_Landsaat

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Sure, and since I already live in Seattle, I might as well start commuting to the McNeel offices on a daily basis :grinning: