Display mode rhino 6

Type the GradientView command to toggle it off.

it is rhino 6 - GradientView is not continued
i guess it is a bug

I cannot reproduce. Perhaps you could attach the Shadows_color after you export it to an ini and attach it here?

This is what I tried with Shadows_color.ini (11.3 KB)

You’re mistaken.
GradientView is in V6.
I just checked again.
Type it as a command name
It overrides the current display mode.

GradientView just doesn’t autocomplete.

GradientView is a left over proof of concept “test” command from the V5 development phase. When we tried to remove it, enough users liked that it worked as a single toggle command so we were persuaded to leave it in.
As a “test” command, it is hidden, unsupported, and does not autocomplete.

You can set up a gradient view working display mode in V5 and now in V6. That is what the command was intended to figure out; if it was worth pursuing in V5 development.

I thought it was older than that, like V3, before permanent gradient view display modes were available… I’m almost certain it was there in V4 already…

You could be right.
I think it has been a support headache since it was left in.

Get your Grump on!

Many people invoke it without realizing it by typing “gr…” and hitting enter when wanting to launch Grasshopper.

This is what I think happens the most often. But if it does not autocomplete by default any more… how did the OP get in this state?


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Excellent question…

That is pretty much exactly the reason we turned it into a non-auto completing command.