glTF support in Rhino?

Any chance the DracoCompression can be backported to v6?

I have no plans on backporting this to V6

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Sorry to resurrect this topic. Where did we land on exporting glTF/GLB files? Is IRIS still the way to go?

I hand rolled a basic glTF Binary export we use internally now. It just takes the mesh from the RhinoObjects and writes it to a glb that we then load with threejs. Plenty to be improved, but that’s all we needed for a start.

Steve’s DracoCompression would be a huge improvement, but I haven’t looked into that yet.

Here’s a Mac plugin with a single export command: glTFBinExport in it: gltf_binexporter.macrhi (268.8 KB)

I’ll compile a Windows version within the next few days so you can play around with it.


Thanks so much. I look forward to the windows version.

I assume this won’t bring material information along with it?

Here it is for Windows. It only works for Rhino WIP 7.20295.18003
glTF-BinExporter.rhi (278.1 KB)

It does export materials, but only the base color of the render material as far as I remember. It’s been a month or two since I made it.

Thanks so much. I’ll give this a go tonight!

Bumped the Rhino version to latest beta, and put it up on food4rhino now: See the answer below instead.
I won’t pollute the thread with further updates :grin:


Okay, okay, one final update, because I moved it to a new package…

  • Follow along in this thread for updates: glTF-BinExport
  • Moved it to a different package. Install with the new PackageManager in Rhino 7. It’s called glTFBin-Exporter (maybe marked as pre-release).
  • Released it as Open Source and collaborating with McNeel to improve it (go give it a star on Github if you like it!)
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