Curves GLTF export?

GLTF standard is ambiguous about curve support / it seems like support is loader-by-loader. Would GLTF exported Rhino/Grasshopper → ShapeDiver retain curves? Is there any way to do this?

The current version of the ShapeDiver plugin for Grasshopper uses glTF 1.0, and a ShapeDiver-specific non-standard extension to binary glTF 1.0 which supports polylines, beziercurves, and certain surface types. This means if you are using our plugin and our viewer, curves will be displayed as expected.

Starting from release 2.0 of our plugin which will be there soon, glTF 2.0 will be supported as well, including polylines and embedded textures and materials. These glTF 2.0 assets will be fully up to standard, and of course our viewer supports them as well.

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