glTF support in Rhino?

Just to muddy the waters, many browsers only support a single pixel thickness for drawing any sort of line entity. This is why the spec says to only use single pixel thicknesses.

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Muddy indeed. We have been doing a lot of web 3D content, and multiple browsers and devices are a complete mess, even more fun when you add AR support, with USDZ compatibility for Apple, and try to deliver a decent experience in ARcore on Android. This work is kind of like this in these early days: Pigs in mud - YouTube

Getting curves to look good on all sorts of different display architectures is hard. I’ve been trying to do it for around 20 years now :slight_smile:

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That makes sense. BTW, the work you guys are doing in the iRhino/iOS viewer is amazing. I was reviewing a 250 MB detailed engineering assembly Rhino model on my iPhone: it looks great, performance is excellent, text, curves, points, it’s all there. Really impressive work!


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Be careful here. Curves are typically drawn in screen space thicknesses which is not what you are going to get by meshing them.

Oh man! I feel like a fell into a wasps nest ! hahaha
But thanx everybody for the responses.
There is some need for me now to investigate more on the matter.

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I guess a follow up would be how do you expect curves to be exported since glTF doesn’t support splines? Lines and polylines make the most sense with their colors intact. Any curve piping should probably also be picked up.

How mature is the glTF Support in Rhino at the moment?
Are Layers, UVs and Animation Supported?

Layers are imported and exported as empty nodes in the glTF scene hierarchy. Multiple UV mappings are supported for both import and export. Animation is not.

Layers as nodes? Seem usable, but from what I read, glTF actually supports the Layer concept, right? Is there plans to integrate it as Layers?
and Animation, doesn´t make to much sense in rhino for export, but still could it be imported and played back at least?
whar are future Plans?

Not as far as I know. If you can dig up something to the contrary I would be very interested to see it. Where downstream are you sending the glTF file and how does it show “layers”?

No, I don’t think so. It would make sense with Bongo but not standalone Rhino.

What’s not working for you? If you import/export something and it’s not behaving how you expect I’d like to hear about it.