Rhino export to three.js

I’m quite new to 3d design and CAD and I’m experiencing a problem that I haven’t seen any posts about it. I have a rendered 3d model (diamond ring) in rhino and I want to export it and load it into a website with the three.js library. I’ve tried exporting the model in most of the common 3d formats (.obj,fbx,.gltf) but the textures are exported correctly. Any advice from would be helpful.

Fire up Grasshopper and try Iris:

Thanks for the imediate response James. I just tried installing and running the iris plugin, but the I’m experiencing the same problem with the textunes not being loaded. I’m attaching the html file exported with iris. The web archive export didn’t make a difference as well. I’m also attaching a screenshot of the model so you can see the textures.

iris-export.html (9.3 MB)

If you’re available I’d love to schedule a call so you can take a look if you can help. I’ve no problem paying you if you think you can help me out.

Have you ready this thread?

Yes I’ve tried another exporter. Just tried this one as well and still no materials. Anyone here willing to have a call to help me out. I can pay you for time of course if you know what you’re doing.

Hi Nikos, sorry it didn’t work. I really appreciate the offer though - thanks. Unfortunately I’ve never actually used Iris myself, so I don’t think I’ll be of much help.

You shouldn’t have to export to other file formats. Check the example 3dm loader for three.js: three.js examples (code for loader: three.js/3DMLoader.js at dev · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub )