Glass texture

Hi guys,
I am trying to give this surface a simple glass texture, but ı end up with this metalic effect. Is there a way to change that?
GLASS.3dm (945.3 KB)

Hello - your glasses - there are two very thin , one inside the other - are flipped inside out. Use the Flip or Dir commands to sort it out. But I suspect what you are really after is something like the attached file, is that correct?

GLASS_PG.3dm (1.4 MB)


oh pascal was faster :wink:

ok your geometry is pretty messy, that explains why your glass does not look glassy. you have open edges all over it. and your glass consist out of two thickened walls,

you better rebuild that from scratch, to get started you can use ExtractIsocurve

revolve that curve 360

and use offsetsurface with option solid.

also give the scene something to reflect otherwise the glass will look dull.