Rhino Texture mapping help?

Hey All,

Does anyone know why the metal texture is mapping so weird to this object? It seems like its only working on the “edge” faces of the mesh. I imported this as a block and exploded it, it works on other things within the file with a similar mesh composition so i’m not sure why these are coming out so muddy as if i just applied a solid color texture instead. I’ve tried messing around with box mapping and scaling other maps but to no avail.

Where is my shiny??

Here is a link to the file if anyone is interested.

The panels/doors in the encircled area didn’t have materials assigned, but assigning say steel will have them be shiny.

With just the layer material (which happens to be the default material)

And set to steel

I added the orange bar to show you shiny.

Thanks for the help! did you also change the material for the washing machines? Seems to match the material on the washer door as shown in my picture now. Would you mind sharing your file with me?

I did not change anything else than that. Just select the two panels and set them to the material you need them to be. Probably the parts in that section that have default material assigned or are set to Layer material, but the layer doesn’t have a material set that you want.