Can't get metal shiny looking

Hi there all, I am new to Rhino. so sorry for a possible basic question. I am trying to get this to look like shiny pre-galvanized material. the texture looks great, by can’t seem to get it to be shiny.

Could someone please perhaps be so kind as to point me to my possible mistake?
perhaps I need to modify the metalic Map or something. just do not know where to start.

I used the texture from (Galvanized Metal Sheet Texture | Free PBR | TextureCan)

thanks very much

Hi Derrick - can you post a file with a box and that material?


Hi there Pascal. thanks for replying. this is the file. is this all you need?

thanks for having a look.

Hi Derrick - it’s there - it’s more evident at some view angles and more evident with your Dublin Studio set as the environment, cause there is more going on in that one -

If you want to goose that a little, reduce the amount of influence the roughness map has in the material


thank you very much for all the effort I appreciate it. I will try and do a better setup and also play with your recommendations.

again thanks for taking the time.

I am after a more photo realistic look similar to this:

I think reducing the roughness map in the material will get you there.


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From the screenshot posted by @pascal the roughness map has quite high values. As he surmizes reducing the roughness map amount should get you much better shininess of your metal. Note that in your reference photo much of the appearance is due to the colorization of the metal in various sections.

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Thanks Nathan. I will actually take a photo of a product and put it up to show where I am trying to head. long story short it is for our catalog images. thanks for replying, I will be able to experiment again in about 7 or 8 hours again and will post my results. in the mean time I will put up a actual product photo from my phone.

Thanks Pascal. Will show some more results or questions at the end of today.

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Hi there, it is getting better. just get the specular up more somehow. but getting better so far he he.