Rendering with HDRI looks right now, thanks!

Hi guys, just some praise after all these years of nagging :wink:
(@andy @nathanletwory @BrianJ )

I finally had time to just waste and did a quick rendertest to see how RhinoRender handles HDRI lighting now, and it seems to be handeling it at industy standard! Well done!

Default Glass material, Metal and Pure white Plaster. The blue plastic was recreated by whitebalancing the reference image.


I still wish for better OpenGL glass though… it still looks like it lives in the 90’s:

Rhino still thinks that 100% transparency = % reflectivity, but RhinoRender knows better.


BTW here is the file if anyone wants to take a look and test it with other HDRI’s from (This is not an ad, I don’t know them, but the spheres I made match those they use, so it should be a fair comparison with other HDRI’s from them too)

HDRI test.3dm (18.0 MB)

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Glad you like them. Greg Zaal from polyhaven (formerly known as hdrihaven) is a great guy.

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