"Ghosted" Perspective Lagging

Hi Rhino Family,

I’m currently working on a basic small building and recently after uploading some blocks, my viewport in “Ghosted” mode suddenly starting lagging so hard and causing the “spinning wheel of death”.

It seems odd. I’ve used Rhino for about 2 years now and haven’t experienced this. Although this is the first time I’ve been using a couple “linked” blocks.

I’ve tried using the “-SaveAs” > Small. I’ve taken off the “Isocurves” as per some others recommendations. Ghosted mode is my favourite but do I have no other choice but used other views?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Did you get this figured out?
We have seen this on older Macs running an under powered Intel 6000 or 6100 chip.
They just can’t keep up.

Hi John,

Sorry I didn’t see you responded! Thank you.

I haven’t figured it out. I don’t mind it happening to one file. But now when I open a new model… the “no showing lines” in Shaded and Ghosted persists.

Can I please get the instructions to reset PLIST please?


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