Ghosting View Problem in Rhino 6 for Mac. Anybody else experiencing this issue?

I’m attaching two images. When I switch on ghosted view, I have this problem when I rotate. It switches to “wired” view (or something that looks like wired view) and then back to ghosted. Is this a bug? I’m on High Sierra 10.13.6…could this be an OS issue?

Hi @floor.van_de_velde,

It may be due to the macOS version as that’s what determines the graphics driver for your Mac. When a viewport display mode can’t be manipulated quickly enough the display will drop to wireframe or a bounding box display for speed. You could test if resetting your Ghosted mode in Preferences (Cmd+,) > Display Modes helps or try a smaller viewport as that could help as well. Updating your macOS would be a good idea though when you can as Rhino 7 won’t work on that one if you were to upgrade.

Thanks Brian!
I’ll try that. And yes…it’s high time for me to upgrade…!
But thank you for your response.